YIDDISH Courses:

About our Yiddish courses

The Yiddish program offers two level courses that focus on developing students’ conversational skills as well as reading and understanding Yiddish texts. During the courses students acquire over 200 common Yiddish words and phrases and become familiar with the basic paradigms of Yiddish nouns and verbs. The Yiddish language is acquired through stories, poems, phrases and Yiddish humor, providing an effective and fund learning experience.

The class meets once a week and the students must complete homework assignments sent by the teacher after every class.

Yiddish courses for adults

Learn Yiddish - Level A

Learn to speak the international language of Jews

The beginners’ Yiddish course provides basic communication, comprehension and conversational skills as well as understanding grammatical rules, the ability to form sentences for basic needs such as traveling or conversing with Yiddish speakers. The course also provides a vocabulary of about 300 words including important verbs, such as modal verbs, numbers, family members, etc.
All of this is achieved through experiencing Yiddish literature and humor while focusing on fluency and accuracy.